Balerdi landetxea z/g, 31891 AZKARATE -Nafarroa-

The Araitz Valley is located in the northwest of Navarre, on the border with Guipuzcoa, at the foot of the stunning mountainous escarpment known as the Malloas. Its beech groves and woods of oak, ash, holly, chestnut and elm trees are mixed with the green landscapes of pastures and meadows dotted with Basque typical farmhouses and small towns scattered throughout the valley.

Places of interest

Balerdi and Urreko Haitza

 Leaving from Azkarate, the imposing Mount Balerdi (1195 m) provides a good route for experienced climbers. The uninitiated or those who want to enjoy an easier walk can opt for "Urreako Haitz" or Balerdi txiki (784 m), located on the border between Navarre and Guipuzcoa, and follow a shorter route setting off from Azkarate (565 m) and arriviving at Bedaio a small village of Gipuzkoa

Las Malloas (Maioak)

This is the name given to the meadows hanging over the Araitz Valley and Betelu . It is a cirque with a series of rugged summits forming a broad continuous arc that stretches from the valley of Larraun to Mount Balerdi or Mallo-zar, in Azkarate..

The small towns in the valley

 Gainza, Inza, Uztegi, y Arribe-Atallu, with their interesting churches and traditional houses, which together with Azkarate form the Borough of Araitz.


former capital city of Gipuzkoa, is a beautiful industrial and commercial town with impressive buildings well worth visiting. Do not miss its traditional market which takes place every Saturday and enjoy the typical Basque food. Tolosa is also famous for its carnivals.

Plazaola Greenway Trail (Lekunberri)

A very accessible path, built upon the old structure of the narrow-gauge railway of Plazaola which used to link Mugiro and Andoain. It is dotted with beautiful landscapes that make the walk even more enjoyable. Also ideal for cycling.

Beigorri Adventure Park (Lekunberri)

An entertainment area for the whole family located in the Oak grove at Aritzalde. An adventurous alternative for those who enjoy walking from branch to branch, across platforms and going down zip lines.

River Pool in Araxes (Betelu)

It is a dam on the river Araxes with a maximum depth of 1.5 m. There is a green area where you can enjoy the sun and a picnic area with two tables and a fountain. Admission is free and the facilities are in good condition

Fountains of Betelu

Thermal mineral springs known as " Dama Iturri ", "Santu Iturri", "Urberoa" and "Karmelo" with sodium chloride, bicarbonate and sulfuric waters, which have given fame to the town.

The Ruins of the Forge Goikola (Betelu)

Remains of the Goikoloa Forge, a foundry built in the nineteenth century, when many other forges had already begun to decline as the site conditions and the water level were ideal.

Oak Groves of Betelu.

Here we find an ecosystem unique in Navarre as it is a Mediterranean forest in the middle of an Atlantic region, declared natural setting by the Government of Navarre in 1997

Prehistoric Dolmens

Trikutseta, Añi and Txuritxoberri (Arribe)

Cave Mendukilo

This is an excellent example of the karstic formation of the Sierra de Aralar, where we can also find some prehistoric remains.


Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar

Located in the Sierra de Aralar, this Sanctuary is a real jewel of the Romanesque architecture. It houses an altarpiece considered a masterpiece of the twelfth century European enameling art.